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Being in a bad relationship made me feel worthless
Being in a bad relationship made me feel unlovable
I can't stop thinking about it
I can't stop being anxious about it

I want someone to love me
Someone to tell me they like me
I want that fairytale, that romantic movie
But i guess it doesn't exist
I guess it's not even true

I feel broken down
After the break up i feel scared
I'm too scared that im not lovable
I'm too scared that if im not confident
If i don't love myself
No one else will do

It gives me so much pressure
It makes me try to fit in
It makes me feel like i HAVE TO change who i am
And it already did

I don't know who i am anymore
I don't know how to act like myself
I'm lost
And im scared

I like my face, my body
My hair, my eyes
But whenever i think about
How someone else looks at me
I feel like they judge me
Hate me
Make fun of me

I don't know how this works
I don't know what my brain is doing anymore
All i want is for someone to finally love
And for someone to finally be loved by
I dont even know. I guess random thoughts from 1:30 am kicked in.
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February 27, 2016
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